Vineyard Cottage

Customer review #1

This place is really the essence of a beach house with all of the fun that implies. It's on the Edgartown Great Pond and right near South Beach and Katama, arguably the best beaches on MV. We came up with a group of friends and had a blast. There are enough things to do that it's an easy place to come with a group of friends, several couples or as a family. The ocean beach is close by and the pond is *right* nearby and swimmable as well. We loved taking the kayaks across the pond to the barrier beach.  I think the barrier beach had one other family on it, otherwise it was just us.  Great for kids. In the summer, the barrier Beach has a "cut" between pond and ocean that is particularly fun to ride through. The ubercute Katama Store is close by, as is a tiny tiny airport (as in, 2 seaters only), fields with ponies, and of course Katama beach. When we came in, there was a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers on the table and the place was very clean. Perhaps best of all, the owner is very sweet and happy to help out. The land has been in her family for generations and she lives on another part of the property so she is around if you need anything (from advice on where to get a good local beer to the best fish market), but isn't at all invasive of privacy.  The  She has decorated the house so that it is a pleasant space to be in, as well as in a wonderful private location. Inside and out, it really feels like you're right next to the beach. The only downside is that it's easy to let the days slip by really quickly here.

Review #2

Private, rustic retreat for the nature lover. Cook on the charcoal grill, eat at the oversized picnic table, walk the wooded trail to the pond (dock and deck). Best of all, we love taking the boat across the pond to the "private" beach.  The owner is friendly and available (but respectful of privacy). We love the outside shower (there is also one inside) and relaxing in the lounge chairs. Wonderful get away. The guest house provides privacy for visitors. A short drive/bike ride to town, store or south beach. Close to bike path, Katama airport. We have rented this property about 10 times, so we must like it :).

Reveiw #3

The Kitchen is fully stocked, we made amazing meals, grilled tuna steaks on the outdoor grill in the tree-shaded private lawn. Napped on the hammock. Took the kayak across to the barrier beach, swam in the surf of the ocean and dipped in the warm pond. It's great to have the kayaks and pond so close by. The house is the perfect place to come with a bunch of friends there are three bedrooms, each one sleeps two people, one bedroom is seperate from the house (and there is a daybed in the living room for an extra guest). The cabin is full of charactor, some books, quaint Vineyard decor. Makes you feel like you're staying in Captain ahab's summer house. The little gas 'wood' stove is perfect for the cool late summer evenings in September. This place is very secluded surrounded by nature, close to the pond, and South beach. Edgartown is not far, easy to bike to. There are bike paths along the road into town and to the beach. The house had everything we needed, lots of beach towels, the beds were made for us when we arrived. The thing we liked least was that you have to walk through one of the bedrooms to get to the bathroom. But it's a cozy place and has a lot of charactor, really feels like a vintage Vineyard camp. Love that the beach is so close, and the natural beauty of the place.